Mandriva 2009

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As I have mentioned I have tried many distributions of Linux. Rescently Mandriva had released it's 2009 version and I must say that it is absolutely beautiful. I downloaded the Live CD (Mandriva One), and it is functional as is beautiful eye candy. I have tried different Linux distros with KDE4 as the default window manager and they all failed miserably. Not the case with Mandriva 2009, I found it to be the best implementation of KDE4 thus far.

Mandriva has tons of software using the URPMI repository. It supported my NVidia card out of the box which was no suprise because I had no issues with recent releases. As usual excellent support for many codecs and proprietry formats are available through the "non-free" repositories. Flash support has greatly improved in Linux as well.

Mandriva stills seems to me to be the best Linux disto for newer users and expiernced users as well. I am not new to Linux by no means, I've been using since Fedora Core4 and love it. PCLOS 2009 will be released soon and I imagine it will be as stable and eye-catching as Man. 2009.

My first Impression:

The Good:

Easy Installation
Excellent Hardware Support
Beautiful Desktop with solid KDE4 implementation
Many software packages available
Easy to Use and/or learn for newbies

The Not-So-Good (Cannot use the word "Bad", because I found no real "Bad" in this distro)
Didn't ship with CD/DVD Burning software. K3B and Brasero in repositories
After installation I had some missing system fonts (EZ Fix)
The clock in the system tray is 24hr and not easily configurable KDE4 issue not Mandriva)

Linux has came far in the past few years. It has evolved from a command line, only good for server and security operating system, to a gorgeous, fun and easy to use stable desktop OS also.
Mandriva 2009is a wonderful distrobution for all you frustrated Vista users. It is prettier and more functional than M$ Vista, and best of all free, lke most of the available software.