Linux Mint 6 Codename: Felicia

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Linux Mint has been one of my favorite Linux distrubutions since Mint 4 Codenammed Daryna. It is a light-weight distro based on Ubuntu. Linux Mint 6 (Felicia) is based on Ubuntu 8.10 and has all the same great features of Intrepid (Ubuntu 8.10) with many enhanced extras.

Mint has utalized the "Software Portal" as a web based software repossitory. This enables users to rate software as well as acquire screenshots for the less common available software. While the site was elegant and useful, it had security flaws. Earlier this year their site was hacked and malitious software was added to the repository. While Linux is a more secure operating system than other major OS's, it is not completely Virus safe.

With the implementation of Felicia, the Linux Mint team decided to bring the Software Portal to the distrubution. They have placed susch feature as ranking, screenshots, etc to the software manager. While this is a "handy" feature, there is one downfall to this concept. The problem is loading time. It now takes several minutes to load the packages due to the thousands of images, but is still useful.

Mint has always been a beautiful working out-of-the-box distro, and Mint 6 is no different. With support for many hardware and architecture types, Mint is sure suit most users as well as machines. Being based on the latest Ubuntu it is sure to be a stable enviroment with a large community of supporters.

As I stated Felicia is an elegant easy to use distribuion. Easy for Linux Newbies, yet powerful enough for the more savvy users. With thousands of available free software (free as in free beer)there is packages to have a full replacement OS for that Vista headache (Billy's Little Bugware). Without the need of needing 3+ GB of RAM just to have a functioning desktop.

Systm Requirements for Linux Mint 6:
To install Linux Mint 6, you will need minimum 512 MB of RAM (however, the system will work very well with 256 MB of RAM after installation). Be aware that the installation may hang if you have less than 512 MB of RAM. As a solution, you can try to repeat the installation process several times. Also, you must have at least 3 or 4 GB of free hard drive space.

Special Features of Mint 6
· mint4win allows you to install Linux Mint from the Microsoft Windows operating system;
· mintInstall 5 with a new offline interface, software versions information and support for multiple portals;
· mintUpdate 3 with a revamped GUI, proxy support, updates history;
· mintUpload 2 with support for FTP transfers;
· mintNanny, a useful parental control tool;
· Giver, a LAN (Local Area Network) transfer tool;
· Gufw, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) frontend for the ufw firewall;
· Flegita, an utility for scanners.

On top of that, the Linux Mint team is proud to present the introduction of the Linux Mint Universal Edition, a customized version of Felicia, available as a Live DVD. The Universal Edition contains the following features:

· Installs all the missing audio and video codecs;
· Offers support for English, Italian, German, Spanish, Indonesian, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Urdu, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Filipino, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Catalan, Esperanto, Croatian, Serbian and Farsi languages;
· Available as a Live DVD.

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