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There are many sites that offer software that is labled freeware and Open Source. There are many similarities between the two, however; they are noyt the same. Open Source Software (OSS) is usually licensed under the GNU GPL (General Puublic Licensing) which enables users to modify the source code to allow software to suit the users needs. SourceForge is the most used site for downloading these types of software.

Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee. Freeware is often made available in a binary-only, proprietary form, thus making it distinct from free software. Proprietary freeware allows authors to contribute something for the benefit of the community, while at the same time allowing them to retain control of the source code. There are many sites that offer freeware applications, one drawback is these applications are generally for personal use only, opposed to business use, and the developers maintain the source so the software is as is and no modifications can be made. CNet, FreeWare Home, and File Hippo are only a few of many sites that allow you to download freeware software.

Commercial software may have some extra features than the previous mentioned, however; it sometimes get pretty expensive. GAOTD or Give Away of The Day is a site that offers users various commercial software for free to its users. They give a commercial application to use with no support from vendors and can be used for personal use. This idea is good to allow users to use software they may have never heard of or intended on buying. These are not demos they are the whole application with usually no expiration. Not all are gems. but I have downloaded some really good applications from this site.

With the economy dimenishing it is time to look into alternetives to pricy software. I hope this site enlightens readers that these alternetives do exist. Although I have mentioned several resources to find free and open software there are many others available. These sites just happen to be the ones I frequent the most.

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