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Joomla! is one of the widest used open source Content Management Systems. It is a fork of Mambo. Ihave created may websites utilizing this feature-rich software with it's very friendly interface. The Joomla! community is very large and developers design extensions to enhance your development. FlintHomes is the first site I used this software and I must say there was a very small learning curve, however; it was painless.

Kompozer and NVU WYSIWYG editors are open source alternetives to applications like DreamWeaver and M$ FrontPage. For editing logos my preferred application is Adobe FireWorks , however Krita and Karbon14 are fairly reasonable replacements. For photo manipulation you must check out the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). Although many believe it to have a steeper learning curve compared to Adobe Photo Shop, others find it easier. Many plug-ins are available for this software and after a little practice, I'm sure it is very commparible to Photo Shop and Corel Draw.

Although I do use Adobe CS3 MAster Collection for much of my design and publishing, I have built entire sites using strict Open Source software. Please list any applications and tools I may have left out. I know there are many but the Apps listed above, I found to be the easiest to learn. Give them a try and I am looking forward to anyones comments and soggestions.

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