Thinking About Trying Linux

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There are thousands of available distributions ( Or "Distros") of Linux. DistroWatch is a great place to start. Many believe that Linux is only for the "techi types" out there, however; in the past few years the Linux community has made great strides in developing distros to make converting to Linux a painless step. While there are many distrobutions out there that are geared to the more tech savvy users (Skackware, Gentoo etc.), there are also many that try to mirror other enviroments so the conversion is real easy.

There are several different ways to aquire Linux, from fully installable CDs and DVDs, to Live CDs that enable the user to run Linux from the optical drive utilizing the system RAM without the need of installing to the HDD. This is one of the greatest technologies I believe because most of the Live CDs allow the user to install to HDD after trying them. For new users I suggest trying PCLOS 2007 or Granular (both Mandriva based Distros), this is probably one of the most user-friendly distributions I have ever tried, and believe me I have tried many. Ubuntu, a debian based version of Linux is also one I would reccomend due to its' large community. Although Linux may not offer the support that you get from companies like Microsoft, and MAC, they are community based with active members that can answer most of your questions.

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