Multimedia Software

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With so many media players it is hard to tell which one is the best. With the right configurations, plug-ins and codecs most will function basically the same. However I feel VLC (Video LAN Client) is the best "out-of-the-box" player for almost any type of media.

For audio manipulation, Audacity is one of the greatest treasures in open source software. Audacity has many tools allowing you to remove voice tracks, split and edit any sound file. It has the power of more expensive commercial software, and it's FREE!

There is tons of software for creating CDs and DVDs. One problem is there are so many different formats that it can get confusing. Burning an audio disk or creating a DVD from a file on your computer may seem simple, but ripping that DVD movie and creating a "BACK UP" of your movies or even files on your hard drive may get more challenging. The latest versions of K3b and Brasero are two excellent pieces of software that are user friendly and comparable to Nero 8.

That is my choices for my multimedia software. Although many of these applications are mostly found running in Linux environments, there are versions for other operating systems as well. is a great place to browse for open source software.

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