What is Open Source

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The Open Source Initiative began in the early '80s under 'free software", which later changed to open source to the misleading term free. Free meant freedom, not free as in a monetary since, rather giving the user the freedom to modify the source code.

The software included the source code which can be modified and changed to suit the users needs. The Firefox Web browser is probably the most used open source application. Created by Mozilla, strong supporters of the Open Source Initiative. Users who use the Firefox Web browser are probably familiar with the many features available. Users can also modify the plug-ins being used, speed of the browser, and hundreds of configurations by going into the configuration file. Simply type " about:config " minus the "" in the address bar of the browser.

Linux is probably the most powerful of all open source software. It is an entire server and/or desktop operating system. Users can configure their computers, everything from themes, schema's, functionality, etc, everything is configurable. Giving the usr total control over the system. Many may feel they have this in a Windows environment, (Until they try Linux that is).

Everything from office software to enterprise business software , Open source software is a great alternative to expensive commercial software, and many titles have more powerful tools than their commercial counterparts. In todays economy it is important to budget finances, open source software will help businesses maintain the top secure technologies on any budget.

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